The purpose of NMI is to mobilize the church in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating.
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Children’s Missions Sundays!
Every fourth Sunday of the month, the children will be dismissed during worship to have a special missions class led by Kim and Elizabeth Cook.



DTS Team is now in Thailand!



2/17/18 Update


Hello Everyone,


It is crazy how quickly this week has gone by. We have had a few busy days. The team has worked so hard and has been a big blessing.


 On Monday we had a fun day where we went to the Chiang Mai Night Safari during the daytime and did their walking path. We got to see a bunch of cool animals and really just had a lot of fun with our contacts and as a team.


Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked with Jimatree Church again. Lots of painting. Wednesday night was Valentines Day and we went to an outreach at Praise Cafe. Where there was music, food and Q&A time about Love. We all had an amazing time.


On Thursday we went to Project Video Lahu Studio. Where we got to see where they do all the dubbing for the Christian movies that they distribute in Lahu Language. After the visit we had a great lunch with our contacts. We then continued on to the Sticky Waterfalls. The team had a lot of fun climbing up and down the falls and enjoying God’s handy work.


Friday was our last work day. We still had a little more painting to finish at Jimatree Church and also finish up projects at Project Video. So we divided and conquered. Friday night, Project Video treated the team to go to the movie theater to see the “Black Panther” Movie.


Saturday is a rest day. We will be going out with some friends to the Chinese Market to experience Chinese New Year.


Sunday we will be attending Church where Emily will be giving the sermon. After church is a lunch. The pastor and his family would like to take us out for dinner Sunday Night.


Coming up we have less then a week till we leave Chiang Mai.  It is going by very quickly. Please pray for us that we make the best of our last few days and we can continue to be a blessing even as we leave.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.


Much Love,

The Team

 Missionary Books

New missionary books have arrived for you to read or listen to on CD!! The titles are: “Messengers of Holiness” (Stories of African Missionaries); “A Missions Mosaic” (Changing the Landscape in Canada); “Branching into Mission”; “Amazon Adventures” (Tales from the Jungle). Please sign them out so we can keep track of them or see Elizabeth Cook.
Our LINKS Missionary
Twylla Woods, retired
Twylla Woods LINKS 2016
Twylla is a widow. Her husband, Wendell, passed away in 2011. They served from 1959 – 1991 in Japan. Her birthday is September 22nd. E-mails may be sent to twylla.j.woods@gmail.com
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